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Vernon is happy to examine, appraise and value your silver items and jewellery and offers sales through his comprehensive list of private buyers and silver collectors.

Types of Silver and Values

Silver is a valuable metal that it very versatile and though the ages has been used to produce an extremely wide range of items from practical pieces such as teapots and cutlery to intricate jewellery. When considering the value of silver items there are different factors to consider and examine. 

Is the item silver or silver plated. It is sometimes the case that an item appears to be silver when actually it is silverplate (this means the item only has a very thin coating of silver, a silverplated item unfortuanetly is not as valuable as silver). If the item is silver it may well be sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy which consists largely of silver (around 92.5%) and the remaining 7.5% is another metal (pure silver is very soft and as a result it is not practical to produce items).

Modern or antique silver. Is the item antique or modern? Antique silver items do tend to carry more value particularly if they are from a respected maker or have unusual/collactable hallmarks. Hallmarks are many and varied but can provide some real insight into an items history such as an items maker, year and location of construction.

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Discreet Private Antique Sale

When selling the family silver, important antiques and jewellery, from my aristocratic and well-known family; we required a discreet private sale. After a great amount of research and searching the internet for dealers and auctioneers, we found the phenomenal agent Vernon Ward. After initial meetings, we instructed Vernon to sell our immense array of family heirlooms. Vernon is a real pleasure and wonderful to work with, his knowledge is outstanding, he exceeded our expectations by a long shot. I cannot recommend Vernon enough; his personality and knowledge are second to none. We will most certainly be doing business again, I wouldn’t ever contemplate using anyone else

Name not shown for client confidentiality, Brighton & Hove

Excellent service for antique silver

Vernon was so helpful when I wanted my antique silver valued. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with assessing my family’s silver. Highly recommended!

Natasha P - November 2019

Vernon was knowledgeable, likeable, honest, and straightforward

Vernon was recommended to me by a good friend when we were looking to sell off some family jewellery and silver and heirlooms. He could not have been more helpful and provided an outstanding service from the first phone call to the close out of the transaction. Knowledgeable, likeable, honest, and straightforward, Vernon's whole approach was very professional and undoubtedly saved me a very considerable sum in auction house fees and related charges. I would have absolutely no hesitation in using his services again and would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal and very high quality service.

Air Vice-Marshal Bob Judson

Absolutely delighted with Vernon's visit to our estate

My wife and I were absolutely delighted with Vernon's visit to our estate along with his assistant valuer .They arrived on time and he undertook a full valuation of our silver collection for no charge. The time spent with us was also extremely enjoyable and highly professional. He also took time to value our jewellery. We would highly recommend him for those requiring a personal and private consultation. Many thanks indeed Vernon and your assistant valuer.

Mr and Mrs Turner, Sussex - Nov 2021

Full of praise for the advice given

Full of praise for the advice given by Vernon on how best to progress decision making by our PCC in Cumbria on what to do with a damaged ancient silver chalice. Wholeheartedly recommend him.

Rev Rodger Fox, Cumbria - November 2021

Vernon has been amazing

Vernon has been amazing we have a unique piece of silver we needed valued he has gone out of his way to help and advise us. We had contacted big auction houses who were rude and not interested can't recommend vernon enough.

Samuel, Richmond - January 2022

Valuation of silver ware and the experience of the experience

Vernon Ward is a man who wears his talents, like a bespoke Saville Row suit, perfectly fitting and with an authoritative style and swagger. This comment should be taken as a description of a man who knows his business and is happy too impart this knowledge to everyone who crosses his threshold with their wares. If you need an answer to the provenance and value of these wares, then with Vernon you are in skilled hands. I went with some silver tableware I had inherited. I knew it was not going to be worth a fortune and in fact, I felt a little troubled I may be wasting Vernon’s time. However, not only was his welcome as warm as a glass of mulled wine on a freezing late Autumn afternoon, I was instantly put at my ease with my offerings. Vernon was the antithesis of the person who likes to confuse. He was open, honest and to the point. This is all I needed and wished for. The visit restored my faith in what can be a carefree and troubling antiques world.

Tim Johnson, London - February 2022

Service one dreams of

I live in France and wanted to have some family silverware appraised. I sent a letter to Vernon on 22nd March and received a telephone call on 24th March. I was impressed by the responsiveness, knowledge, kindness and intellectual honesty that he showed during our exchange. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If anyone has an appraisal request similar to my own, I can assure them that they will not regret getting in touch with Vernon. A very pleasant human exchange above and beyond the business dimension. 5 star service. Bravo.

Michael, France - March 2022

50 Years Experience

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Low Commission

Letter received from The South of England Agricultural Society - Patron: Her Majesty the Queen
on the extensive silverware collection that was valued for insurance purposes.

Dear Vernon, I write to thank you most sincerely for carrying out the valuation of the society's trophies during the South of England show.

Not only was this a considerable amount of work both in research and in valuing each of the trophies, but you operated in a very confined space where the trophies are displayed in the members pavilion. A challenge in more ways than one!

We are most appreciative of your expertise in valuing each trophy and for the detailed valuation documents which describe each trophy with weight and value.

We note that you have calculated the revised valuation figures realistically allowing for fluctuation for the next 10 year period.

Vernon, we are most grateful to you for all your help and assistance and for the professional manner in which you have carried out this task.

With Kind Regards
Your sincerely 
Deborah J Barber (MBE)

Original letter held by Vernon Ward 

Vernon was chosen above all leading auction houses and insurance companies to undertake this highly important documented report and schedule. Which consisted of silverware such as Silver salvers, silver candle sticks, important and rare silver statues, silver trophies, silver tea sets and much more and Vernon was recently approached by a London Firm of Solicitors acting on behalf of an estate for his services to reassess silver to the value in excess of seven and half million pounds.

Examples of silver items that have been sold to private collectors/buyers

  • Antique Silver Candlesticks
  • Silver mirrors (both small and large)
  • Snuff boxes
  • Silver cutlery sets
  • Silver vases and bowls
  • Scottish Silver
  • Continental silver
  • Persian Silver
  • Chinese Silver
  • Silver Commercial flatware
  • Antique Silver Jewellery
  • Silver Plates
  • Silver Tea sets
  • Silver Cups and Trophies
  • Silver salvers
  • Irish Silver
  • Silver vinaigrettes
  • Islamic Silver
  • Silver coasters
  • Silver pocket watches
  • Rare silver statues
  • Silver chocolate pots
  • Georgian Silver
  • Victorian Silver
  • Edwardian Silver
  • English Silver
  • Russian Silver
  • Silver clocks 
  • Silver carriage clocks
  • Mens & ladies silver wristwatches

Items sold range from as low as £50 to the highest being in excess of £300,000 to a private collector