Diamond Valuation Guide

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Here are some tips on how to appraise and value diamond jewellery when assessing their value for sale purposes.

The information listed below is a guide for those wishing to know more about how diamonds are valued:

Diamonds are the hardest of all known natural substances composed of pure carbon.

The five Cs are integral when appraising and pricing diamond jewellery:

  1. Carat.   A unit of weight in gemstones. The word carat comes from the seed of  the Carob tree which was used in ancient times as a unit of weight for  pearls and gems.
  2. Colour. The  colour of a white diamond is graded – there are several grading scales  but generally D is colourless, whilst coloured stones are deemed at best  “vivid” and at worst “light fancy”.
  3. Cut. A fashioned gem, shaped and polished, as opposed to a rough or uncut gem.
  4. Clarity. Refers to how pure the stone is but this is less important in coloured stones – although you do not want a stone that
    has  obvious marks or inclusions in it. The clarity grading scale is FL,  VVS, VS, SI, l1-22 and l3. For example, I3 means inclusions are very  obvious and affect transparency and brilliance where a FL = flawless =  no  inclusions.
  5. Certificate. This is needed when selling fine diamonds and means a diamond has been  independently assessed for authenticity and grade according to its  quality.
    For  reference to begin any  appraisal just sending an image of jewellery (in  my humble opinion) is  not the answer. The item needs to be in front of  you. A description may  suffice to start with but then item needs to be seen by the naked eye. 

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"We visited Vernon by appointment with a large assortment of unwanted diamond/gold vintage jewellery/modern gold jewellery, a Rolex watch and antique silverware, to instruct Vernon to act as our agent as we wanted a private sale. We received an excellent return, far higher than had we gone through other outlets. Vernon displayed excellent knowledge and kept us informed throughout the 10 day period. His standard of care and attention to detail was exceptional and solely through his efforts alone he achieved fine results on all. For reference, no other charges were incurred other than his low rate of commission. Many thanks for all your hard work on our behalf. In our opinion, he is a leading antique jewellery and silver valuer in England. Exceptional service and confidentiality. We would recommend Vernon without hesitation."

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