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A professional and courteous service.

To receive such personal attention and service is a delight. Vernon Ward treats his clients with courtesy and understanding in the good old school manner. His speedy and detailed evaluation and advice were well received. Thank you!

Liza Kirwan - May 2022

WOW by his customer service.

Would like to thank Vernon for all of his advise on some items I had sent him pictures of. It was nice that he took time to look at the images I sent him and actually pick up the telephone and speak to me about every item and their value. It was refreshing to speak to someone who was totally honest and caring. It was fantastic to speak with someone who was so customer focused.

Daren, September 2020

I would not hesitate to use Vernon again in the future and highly recommend his services

After trawling the internet for hours trying to find the best way to have my jewellery valued and sold I came across Vernon Ward. Vernons service was fantastic from start to finish. He valued and sold my Gold & pearl Victorian necklace and a gold bangle and kept me fully informed through the whole process. I knew instantly that I had gone to the right person. I would not hesitate to use Vernon again in the future and highly recommend his services.

Sarah Fowler

Rare musical instrument

"I consulted Vernon Ward regarding a rare musical instrument that I'd had in my possession for a number of years. After speaking with Vernon he kindly without any charge to myself, researched the item and in doing so, I was delighted with the outcome. I had no knowledge prior to talking with Vernon, despite contacting other establishments. What great news to find someone who is prepared to offer their knowledge and expertise and offer their time freely. I am most grateful. I wouldn't hesitate to advise anyone who wants advice on any subjects when selling their goods to make Vernon Ward their first port of call. Kind regards"

David Reavely, Sussex

For those who wish to sell their valuables, they could do no better than to contact Vernon

"I recently wrote commending Vernon for his extreme professionalism in taking on the massive challenge of the research and potential sale of my painting, which I believe is by J M W Turner. It required full-time work and a wide knowledge of the fine-art world. Vernon is now in the third stage of this journey to gain attribution, authentication and provenance and all is in the process of being finalised. I will know the outcome very soon. However the story ends, Vernon’s knowledge and expertise in approaching the finest experts in the world on this subject has immensely impressed me. He has kept me informed of progress on virtually a daily basis by telephone, which nowadays is a very rare level of service. For those who wish to sell their valuables, I suggest they could do no better than to contact Vernon if they are searching for an ethical independent agent to act on their behalf, instead of going to auction. I will post the outcome in due course."

Mr J. Bowden, London

No other parties were prepared to undertake such a task without me incurring massive research charges. I salute Vernon for being such a gentleman

"As a barrister in my working life (now retired) I recently set about seeking advice from leading auction houses, museum and experts but was met with dismissive half-hearted vigour. I felt they didn’t have the research time to assist my requirement of selling my inherited painting by J M W Turner. I contacted Vernon Ward – how refreshing! Finger on the pulse, he offered to take on the challenge in an extremely knowledgeable , professional and calm manner and is now acting as my independent agent in the process of securing a private buyer/collector. I will not be incurring any charges whatsoever for his research time, which other bodies would certainly have required. Vernon’s research may take hundreds of hours, including travelling and meetings but the outcome will be open and accurate. No other parties were prepared to undertake such a task without me incurring massive research charges. I salute Vernon for being such a gentleman in the world of antiques and fine art."

Mr J. Bowden, London

Honest & Open

"We instructed Vernon to act as our sole agent in selling an item of family militaria. He kept us informed throughout the sale process and even gave the name and address of the collector who bought the item on the sales report he provided. Vernons' honesty and openness in business is first rate. We also saved a small fortune on commission fees etc. as we didn't need to sell the item though an auction. We would not hesitate to use Vernons' services again in the future."

Thanks to Vernon, great service. Philip

Vernon Ward's diligence, integrity and professionalism were second to none

"They broke the mould when they made Vernon Ward....He proved to be invaluable when it came to assessing my mother's estate.His diligence,integrity and professionalism were second to none.He kept us informed throughout the process and provided much needed support during a stressful time.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vernon.His refreshing take on life and great sense of humour coupled with his knowledge on a wide range of subjects ensures a service that is unique and thorough."

AnneJ-7 26/02/2016

A rare find - Vernon Ward

"We recently needed a professional to research, value and sell our collection of diamond jewelry and gold coins. From the Internet, we were very impressed by the reviews on Vernon Ward. After visiting us, we instructed him to act as our independent agent. He proved to be highly professional, with excellent business acumen and expertise. We were delighted with the results and, true to his word, he located private buyers. We benefited financially by using his services. We would not hesitate to recommend him.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Marshall

High Value advice

"My wife and I had been searching for a bona fide expert in the valuation of some fine ceramics we had inherited. After contacting a few auction houses (who would not only require a fee to place each item at auction – but also charge a large percentage in commission for each item sold) we discovered Vernon Ward Antique Valuations here in Brighton. We made an appointment to visit Vernon and took along our collection of English figurines for his appraisal. He made a few phone calls to some of his UK collectors, and then advised us we could make a considerable amount more by selling them in the USA. Vernon again made a few phone calls and contacted one of the most credible shippers (so we later discovered) in England, who gave us a very favourable quotation. At no time did Vernon request any charge for his services. You do not need to go to auction to achieve the highest price, and this is self evident in the very way he helped us. Thank you very much Vernon!"

22/01/2016 by TerenceD-1

Vernon Ward Antiques

"Vernon was very helpful to me through his knowledge of locating antique items. At no financial benefit to himself he took considerable effort with helping me find props for a film currently in production."

14/12/2015 by BarbaraL-1

Important Jewellery

"I came across Vernon Ward's website and decided to give him a call to discuss the potential sale and research of my jewellery. Being doubtful of auction rooms and antique shops in Portsmouth I was looking to find a leading expert in the field of important gem stones. Subsequently, I made an appointment with Vernon and travelled down for our meeting at his office. His knowledge and openess in allowing me to talk to one of his private buyers on the telephone after he had researched them. Which is extremely rare in todays modern world where a vendor is allowed to talk to the private buyer. All was conducted with complete reassurance and transparency which I so much needed as these items were my family heirlooms. Thank you so much Vernon for your hard work and the compassion you showed realising how very sentimental I was to the above and your reassurance and patience and understanding was second to none. I look forward to meeting you when more heirlooms are released from the estate. Extreme thanks Penelope."

09/12/2015 by Penelope - Portsmouth

First class service

"We had some small pieces of jewellery and other artefacts to sell and, although they were not of great value, Vernon was extremely liberal with his time and expertise. He sold the pieces within a few days, kept us in touch with what was going on, and got an excellent price. His commission was far lower than any auction house. Moreover, he undertook research on one piece of jewellery for no fee. From our point of view, not only was he professional, thoroughly trustworthy, reliable, and clearly very experienced, he was also enthusiastic and friendly; one sensed that he genuinely cared about us and what we wanted. He provided us with a first class service and we think ourselves lucky to have found him. We recommend him unconditionally."

05/11/2015 by Dr_Whitham1

A Joy to do Business with.

"I contacted several people with a view to selling lots of antique pieces and jewellery. Due to the distance from Derby to Reading,we asked Vernon to come and appraise our 3 storey home full of antiques, bronzes, jewellery,clocks and furniture as we still felt unsure about estimates and offers from antique shops and auctions. Vernon appraised and located private buyers for all of this. Remarkable sales conducted within 10 days and extremely professional service overseen by Vernon. My family and I are truly grateful,estate cleared stress free and exceptional service. Thank you so much."

29/10/2015 by saw62 Mr & Mrs Wylde

Open and Honest

"Vernon ward is a credit to the antiques world, when I decided to sell on my important family heirloom I approached the London leading auction homes, I decided after careful consideration to instruct Vernon ward to the sell family heirloom, his honesty, trust and his extensive, exhaustive work was second to none and his commission charge was far lower than the auction houses. He kept myself and my family informed throughout the whole sale, completely open and transparent, his decision in sourcing a private buyer was incredible and he achieved the sale of our family heirloom. Much to the satisfaction of my myself and my family, we cannot thank him enough for all his hard diligent work in achieving the private sale, Many thanks."

06/10/2015 by bakoumi

Honest and trustworthy

"Having had a few telephone conversations with Vernon, I eventually met him today. He helped achieve, what was needed for my daughters estate in the way of a valuation. I highly recommend him."

11/08/2015 by ArcticQueen54

My Mother's collection

"My Mother sadly had passed away and I had to clear flat which was full of masses of antiques she had collected over the years. I have no knowledge of value or indeed what they were, so I asked for Vernon's help. He came very promptly and was extremely helpful telling me what things were and the origins, as I could just as easily thrown them away and missed a valuable item. Both he and Hayley have a tremendous historical knowledge, which I found very interesting. I would recommend contacting Vernon Ward for any help, he is both courteous friendly and understanding. Thank you Vernon"

28/03/2015 by Sue1948

Our Opinion

"Approximately 20 years ago my father visited Vernon Ward at one of his antique road shows and was impressed with what he learnt, he later instructed Vernon to sell some antiques, silverware, jewellery, etc; he was delighted with the proceeds of the sale. During that time and often afterwards my father spoke to me about Vernon, who he held in high esteem, as a person who likes to do things properly in his field of work. Twenty years on and Vernon has just finalised a sale of antiques and jewellery for us that my late father left to me, he realised excellent prices on all pieces; twenty years on his business insight and acumen has not diminished at all. No other extra charges were incurred, other than the 10% commission which has always been Vernon's rate going back to my father's time. Within ten days the sale report, receipt and monies were safely delivered to our house, well done, we would never have realised the figures you achieved had we placed our goods in an open auction. With our experience we would not hesitate to recommend Vernon Ward's distinctive methods in placing items for the quick sale of unique objects. Exceptional service, many thanks Vernon for all your efforts, and also the free research and advice on two other items we had."

29/12/2014 by Mrs Crow, Ascot Berkshire

My mother's flat

"Sadly my mother recently moved from her flat in Marine Gate to a care home. The flat needed to be cleared. Vernon was recommended to us and I knew from the start he was the right person for the job. He organised everything through his contacts where necessary so that the whole process went through with great ease. Vernon was so attentive to our needs in this task and went out of his way to help and to reassure us with numerous calls and visits. We really appreciated Vernon's work for us and would be delighted to recommend him."

14/12/2014 by Amcmick

Friendly professional service and clearly very passionate

"Vernon visited and sold some furniture for me. He was the only valuer who had the courtesy to get back to me out of three ! The transaction took less than a week and to my delight when he returned he was able to identify several other items that he could sell. Many thanks - a friendly professional service and clearly very passionate about his clients."

29/10/2014 by Jane Peacehaven

Vernon's calm and friendly approach is very rarely experienced in this hectic modern world

"Amazing service. I would recommend Vernon having instructed him to sell miscellaneous items. He duly returned on two visits as promised with a sale report and receipt each time, and money gratefully received from this very helpful and genuine antiques agent. Vernon's calm and friendly approach is very rarely experienced in this hectic modern world."

10/10/2014 by Mrseataylor

Vernon retains an old-fashioned, professional common courtesy which is rare in today's modern world

"After trawling the minefield of auction houses and valuers via the internet, we contacted Vernon Ward Antique Roadshows to raise valuable funds for St.Catherine's Hospice at our Horsham Fayre event and how fortunate we were to chose him. Throughout the day, Vernon provided accurate valuations, sales advice combined with warm and humorous interactions with all our visitors. It was a joy to see so many turn out to see him. Vernon retains an old-fashioned, professional common courtesy which is rare in today's modern world. We are delighted that Vernon has agreed to return to the Fayre again in October and we hope he will making a regular appearance at this twice yearly event."

06/06/2014 by PJ Carter

I cannot recommend his service highly enough

"After consulting an auction house about an item of furniture I wished to sell I realised that with all the costs involved I would be in a minus situation even if it sold and if it didn't sell the potential unsold charges didn't bear thinking about. I consulted Vernon- Ward and I cannot recommend his service highly enough. The item was sold,money received, and may I add absolutely no charges of any description were added. I was delighted with his service."

03/04/2014 by B Summerfield

Exceptional Service

My family and I required an antiques expert to value our collection of Oriental Chinese and Japanese art and collectables. Vernon was happy to research our various items and through his exstensive knowledge and expertise coupled with his global contacts he was soon able to find the right buyers in just a matter of days. The perfect outcome for all. Would totally recommend. ,Exceptional Service. My family and I required an antiques expert to value our collection of art and antiques. Vernon was happy to research our various Oriental Chinese and Japanese collection. Through his exstensive knowledge and expertise and global contacts he was soon able to find the right buyers for our assorted collection. The perfect outcome! Totally recommend.

Dominic D

French Gold Jewellery Sale

My daughter-in-law, living in France, chose Vernon over local French valuers to estimate and sell a collection of French gold jewellery. This consisted of gold chains, gold rings, bangles and gold pocket watches. We met with Vernon, who was most helpful and chose to instruct him to dispose of all that he considered worthwhile. I am very pleased to say that the results exceeded our expectations, and we have no hesitation in recommending his exceptional level of service.

Christina E

I genuinely can't fault the service

I genuinely can't fault the service he offered my family and I; he gave free valuations, appraisals and outlined all available options in disposing of my late Grandmothers jewellery as we had no idea what we had in our hands. He was charming, friendly and professional, really trustworthy, obviously with a passion for what he does. Thank you and we'll be in touch again once we've discussed it with the ansent beneficiary

Brighton - April 2021

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