Assistant Antique and Jewellery Valuer

Hayley is a valued member of the team with over 30 years experience. She started in the jewellery profession at the age of 17 when she purchased her first piece of jewellery. During her early thirties she had her own successful jewellery shop and also attended frequent antique fairs and gave lecturers on jewellery and antiques at her valuation days in the UK and aboard cruise liners.

She is happy to give guidance on property brought in for inspection and or sale.

Hayley always prefers to see things in front of her, rather than just sending an image.

Hayley is also available to give valuations on all manner of general antiques, be it furniture, paintings or items too bulky to bring to the office.

Please feel free to telephone Hayley direct for a home appointment on 01273 502 097, where she will be delighted to help you with your enquiry.

"It can sometimes be difficult to give a fair opinion based on images, I always enjoy meeting my clients, who want their items valued, be it for instructing me to sell their personal possessions of just an evaluation"


Helpful and knowledgable service from Hayley

As a retired businessman I had a number of interesting items at my home as was looking for valuation with a view to sale. As Vernon was busy, I spoke with Hayley one of his assistant valuers. After talking to her over the phone she made an appointment with me to view the items at my home. She couldn’t have been more helpful, knowledgeable and personable. It was a sensitive case and very private, and my time spent with her during the course of an afternoon was not only extremely enjoyable but resulted in the outcome I was looking for. Hayley did not rush me, made me feel very much at ease with dealing with my personal matters. The confidential 1:1 service encouraged me to ask for Hayley specifically when I required further valuations with a view to selling further parts of my collection and Vernon was more than happy for her to deal with these for me.

John, retired businessman, Sussex - December 2020


Vernon and Hayley were really straightforward and informative with their comments taking great pains to explain the process of valuing and selling ... and our meeting was lots of fun, too!

Anne M - May 2021

We would like to thank him and his team for their warm welcome and very professional service

My wife and I visited Vernon Ward with jewellery valued approximately £85,000 because we wished to sell some of it and update the insurance values of other items. We would like to thank him and his team for their warm welcome and very professional service. This was free of charge and the only costs will be a very reasonable commission (lower than London auction houses) on items successfully sold. Everything went well and we were very glad to have discovered his service and thoroughly recommend it. However, there was just one cloud. Thanks to his expertise, we found that an item boxed with the name of a top French international brand was not in fact genuine. You would expect us to have been more than a bit downcast, especially as we had paid £5,000 more than 20 years ago at a grand charity auction at a Park Lane hotel. Surprisingly, we were pleased to find this out because my wife plans to bequeath it to one of her grand-daughters who has always admired it. So at least we now know that our grand-daughter Charlotte will not one day suffer the disappointment of having to learn that her late Granny's gift was not the genuine article. Anyway, the charity benefitted and the forgery will still look pretty good on Charlotte!

Paul Morgan - London, October 2020

Antique diamond jewellery

Vernon and his colleagues were exceptional in their valuation of our collection of antique diamond jewellery, valued well in excess of £100,000. We were amazed with the depth and breadth of Vernon's knowledge. His valuation was quick but incredibly thorough and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. We were delighted to get the same high level of service that could be expected from a high end London jeweller, but in Brighton! Many thanks Vernon.

Katie - August 2020

Extremely knowledgeable about all things antique.

Vernon was open and honest with his appraisal of the jewellery I emptied out of an old brown envelope, explaining clearly what price I may expect, and ensuring I understood his terms and conditions. At all times I felt respected and valued by Vernon, as I knew from his website he had successfully researched and sold items much more valuable than the contents of my envelope! I trusted his professional integrity absolutely, and appreciated his sensitivity regarding the emotional attachment I had to some of the items. The whole process from initially meeting Vernon and his assistant Hayley, to returning to sign my generous sales receipt took less than 10 days. I have sung Vernon and Hayley’s praises to anyone who will listen – and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to friends or colleagues who through their naivety of the value of gold, silver, fine art and antiques, could lead to potential exploitation. Thank you, Vernon and Hayley, – such a pleasure to meet you both.

C. Davey - Brighton - August 2020

I can't thank Vernon enough, and would certainly recommend him to anyone considering the sale of jewellery and antiques.

After trawling the internet for information on the best way to value (and ultimately sell) a number of items of jewellery that were left to me by my late mother, I found myself at a complete impasse - High street jewellers wished to charge a set fee for a valuation on each item, which could easily have exceeded the eventual sale values. Feeling rather lost, I happened across Vernon's website and contact details. Sending a message, resulted in a swift and courteous telephone reply from Vernon. We had an extremely helpful conversation, which left me in no doubt that Vernon's knowledge and expertise would be invaluable in assisting me with the sale of the jewellery. I travelled from Berkshire to Vernon's office on the outskirts of Brighton, and had a delightful meeting with the man himself and his lovely colleague Hayley. During the meeting Vernon was very honest and concise, and I elected to have him sell the jewellery, which he did over the course of the following 10 days. I consider myself very lucky to have happened across Vernon, when other avenues appeared to be unsuitable for my particular situation. I can't thank him enough, and would certainly recommend him to anyone considering the sale of jewellery and antiques.

Alastair Summers, Berkshire August 2021

Very glad we came here first

Really nice guy, and secretary/assistant, who we went with my Mother & Brother to have possessions of my late Grandmother valued. Courtious, genuinely friendly, well informed & professional - you could see the interest and the passion in his work; far from being a dry antiquarian or money-oriented businessman it was clear he is a real human being doing what he loves. Absolutely no selling of his services at all; he was happy to look through allot of stuff to give a free appraisal and valuation, outlining all the options to selling them, very impartially I have to say, and he gave us his brochure saying he would happily help us sell them if we wish. All in all I would certainly come to him as a first port of call for valuations and disposal of high value peices. By far the most important qualities in his profession has to be integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness and for all these he scores top marks.

Aaron A - April 2021

I highly recommend if you have jewellery that you wish to have valued you contact Vernon first

Vernon and Haley are very pleasant people, they gave my partner and I a lot of information about the jewellery we took to them and clearly explained why he gave the valuation he did. The experience was significantly better than all the jewellers we had previously visited in Brighton South Lanes who made us feel like even looking out items was a waste of their time. The sale contract Vernon showed us very clear and easy to understand and the 10% sale fee seems very fair and reasonable, I have every confidence that should we choose to sell any items through Vernon he will get us a fair value for them. I highly recommend if you have jewellery that you wish to have valued you contact Vernon first.

Stephen Prunty - Sussex, Nov 2021

Hayley is available Monday- Saturday, contact us to make an appointment