March & April 2022 Update from Vernon Ward's Assistant Jewellery Valuer

March and April have been particularly busy months here at Vernon Ward's with clients visiting from around the globe! This all started as usual from the many enquiries we receive daily by email which are dealt with initially by our trusted secretary Sarah.

One gentleman from Australia had inherited items of gold and silver plus an assortment of other jewellery which he wanted to sell. He had waited until he and his partner were visiting family here in the UK to bring it along to us for a valuation and subsequent sale by Vernon to private collectors.

So often we find that people want to sell through us because their items hold sentiment and they want them to be cherished by new owners rather than being sold for scrap and destined for the melting pot! We hear time and time again of people with silver tea sets, salvers, cutlery and jewellery being offered only scrap value. Even diamond rings are broken up with the stones re-used and the gold melted down. People used to hand down their diamond jewellery from generation to generation but more and more people today prefer to buy modern designer jewellery instead. So often we have clients selling inherited rings, brooches and necklaces to give the proceeds to their family instead. They are relieved to know that their heirlooms will not be broken up for scrap just because they are not fashionable.

Fortunately, private specialist buyers and collectors who cherish these items do still exist and with Vernon Ward working as your agent for a flat rate of 10% to locate the right buyer for each individual item/lots. We are noticing more now than ever that clients are travelling the extra mile (in some instances travelling half way round the globe!) for their unwanted treasures to be sold on their behalf.

Recently, we have had  clients from southern France, Austrialia and Germany. (see recent Google and reviews below)

Service one dreams of

"I live in France and wanted to have some family silverware appraised. I sent a letter to Vernon on 22nd March and received a telephone call on 24th March. I was impressed by the responsiveness, knowledge, kindness and intellectual honesty that he showed during our exchange. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If anyone has an appraisal request similar to my own, I can assure them that they will not regret getting in touch with Vernon. A very pleasant human exchange above and beyond the business dimension. 5 star service. Bravo."  - Michael M (France)

Outstanding service

"I live in Australia and wanted to find someone suitable in the UK to sell some important family heirlooms that are in storage there. I found Vernon’s website and was impressed by his approach and brand and knew he was the right person to contact. When I arrived in the UK and approached Vernon, he was very open, professional and clear about his service. He was personable and warm over the phone and provided the reassurance and trust I needed. When I met Vernon in person for a valuation, he didn’t disappoint and was very knowledgeable and understanding and I felt completely at ease. I am delighted that he has agreed to take me on as a client. I encourage others to contact Vernon." -  Darrel E (Australia)

Well worth the visit from Germany

"We contacted Vernon and met him at his office to examine a diamond ring. He was very helpful,  and advised us about likely values and possible sales methods. Well worth the visit from Germany."  - A Jay (Germany)

In March I accompanied Vernon to a property in Surrey where the couple had decided that rather than leave their Cartier collection and other items in the bank they would re-invest the proceeds, another lady from London was fed up with the disinterest and lack of communication she received from an eminent west end establishment in the sale of her collection of named jewellery that she chose to sell through us preferring our private, personal and confidential service.

Another client visited us from London with a view to selling various diamond rings and a couple of gold bracelets which we put on a contract of sale along with the estimates, finally she asked if we were interested in some gold coins that she had been offered scrap value for by her local jeweller. We advised her that the gold coins were worth more if sold to collectors. She was delighted with the overall sale which was completed within the specified ten day period.

Another client from Surrey recently divorced, wished to sell the fine diamond necklace (an anniversary present) she had no wish to be reminded of again we were delighted to sell that to a private collector who was looking for such pieces to add to her collection. Recently another gentleman also from Surrey came along as he wanted his late mother's jewellery collection appraised and had been quoted a high fee per item for each individual valuation which as he had many items would have amounted to a small fortune in fees! He was so grateful for our free sales advice which eventually resulted in a successful sale.

We meet so many lovely clients and it is always a pleasure to receive thank you letters from satisfied customers and Vernon is always grateful for the five star reviews he receives for all his hard work and effort it really is worth going that extra mile.

Wonderful experience from first speaking to him on the phone to visiting his premise’s

"Visited Vernon with my mother-in-law with some jewellery and gold to get an idea of its value. What a wonderful experience from first speaking to him on the phone to visiting his premise’s. He made us feel very relaxed and he ran through our items giving us fantastic advice (he does not charge for this service either!). We decided to sell some items and within a week Vernon had sold the items at the value he had advised. We were so happy with the service provided by Vernon and his assistant valuator Hayley and cannot recommended them highly enough" - Sarah T 

Vernon provides care and complete genius

"Vernon is such a professional! Having been looked down upon by Tiffany & Co when attempting to have a beautiful Tiffany necklace appraised, Vernon stepped up and stepped in within hours of my email to him. Refreshingly knowledgable, professional and personable, I can't recommend Vernon highly enough for his integrity and intention - to be there for each client individually and with an understanding of the emotional side of letting go of pieces we may have had throughout our lives."  -Sandra M (London