Low commission rate on all sales

The fact that Vernon Ward has maintained such a low commission rate on all sales, with excellent reviews, letters and press coverage, spanning 50 years is due to the fact he does not have the massive overhead costs and charges that auction houses have to bear, i.e. premise charges,  staff charges, removal charges etc. the list is endless, whether it be  leading London auction houses or a regional auction house, is why the  general public, legal profession, estate agents, etc. regularly use Vernon Ward.

For consultations and home appointments please call Vernon Ward on 01273 502097.

Jewellery, silver, antiques and chattels Sales Advice

Vernon will work tirelessly on your behalf to locate the correct buyer for the maximum value in today's current market. This in turn saves you the seller the high auction charges placed by auction houses as mentioned here and also in Vernon Ward's brochure. AUCTION HOUSES HAVE BEEN HIGHLIGHTED AS CHARGING COMMISSION RATE FROM AS MUCH AS 15% TO 25% THEN ADDED TO THIS IS VAT and other charges.

It is through the exposure of many of these auction houses that many members of the public have chosen to use Vernon Ward as their independent agent. These include the legal profession, loss adjusters, executors of estates, district councils and the general public. Vernon has now in excess of 1000 letters of thanks from clients past and present praising him on his sales success, and also Vernon holds a vast number of newspaper editorials spanning back over the last 50 years and up to date, all on show at each and every roadshow.

Vernon Ward is an independent agent who locates private buyers and collectors and is not affiliated to any 2nd or 3rd party. His charge as stated is 10% commission - with no hidden charges. (Sales concluded in a 10 day period by "contract of sale" only).

50 Years Experience

Worldwide database of buyers

Low Commission

Vernon has appeared numerous times on national television.

A typical example is as follows: at one of his charity roadshow days, he was shown a violin. Vernon decided to research this item and after four months, he was delighted to confirm to the owner that it was a rare violin by Santo Serafin which also gained large press coverage. Other rare finds have also gained national TV coverage with kind permission from the owners.

Vernon has in excess of a thousand reviews in letter form and press coverage spanning 50 years. Which are available to be read at either his office or at roadshow days.


Vernon Ward sells as agent for the seller. 

Members of the public wishing to sell items through Vernon Ward may be assured of the highest standard.

Vernon Ward will, at all times, endeavor to locate a private buyer or collector on a commission basis only and all such matters are strictly private and confidential. 

Any transaction undertaken, irrespective of the value of the item(s) involved, takes approximately 10 days for the item(s) to be sold and for the vendor to be paid, less Vernon Ward's fixed commission being 10% of the achieved sale price by "contact of sale". Terms and conditions apply. 

Sale Report

A sale report and receipt are automatically issued upon completion of each and every sale. In the event of any item(s) remaining unsold, unlike the vast majority of sales rooms, there will be no charge incurred and the item(s) will be returned to the vendor by Vernon Ward.

**Please note: private buyers and collectors are, as the name implies, private. They are distrustful of the internet as a place to hold information about their valuable collections. They do not want people approaching them for unsolicited requests. Vernon Ward, with his 50 years in the antiques world, is your direct link to these private buyers and collectors worldwide. 

Property for inspection and valuation 

Vernon Ward is pleased to give valuation and guidance regarding property brought in for inspection and/or sale. This service is free of charge and is available on week days between 9am and 5pm by appointment only. 

Written valuations. 

The provision of written valuations for insurance for probate, sale by private treaty, or other purposes, is an important part of Vernon Ward's service.

Free valuations can be arranged through our office in Patcham, East Sussex. In certain instances however, it may be necessary for items to be researched.

Vernon is an absolute gent who clearly cares about the people that come to him and his advice was just brilliant.

Vernon is an absolute gent who clearly cares about the people that come to him and his advice was just brilliant. He was helpful, courteous, engaging, passionate and, quite frankly, a genuine pleasure to speak with. To anyone reading this review, wondering whether or not to get in touch with Vernon, I’d say stop reading this review and please, go do it, get in touch. You really won’t regret it.

Filipe Albarraque  - August 2021

Valuation and sale of various items

I went to Vernon Ward after having visited various auction rooms to get estimates for a number of items. Not only did he achieve higher values on all the items than I had previously been quoted, but he was able to sell every single item that I gave him - both of lower and higher value - within a short time frame, for less commission and with immediate payment to me (no waiting 28 working days for payment). He was straightforward to deal with and gave a personalised service that I was extremely pleased with. I can only recommend him highly for all his efforts on my behalf.

Patrick Comerford - Feb 2020

First class service vernon offers regerstered post as well. Having a range of gold american coins and gold sovergns including a diamond omega watch together with gold antique jewellery, i delivered these to vernon who over a three day period researched all of the items at no charge.Vernon and his wife have strict goverment guidlines in place in their office seperate from their home and i felt completely safe due to covide 19. His attention to detail was faultless and in these troublesome times we where extremely fortunate to visit vernon.Our sincere thanks for all your efforts we would totally recommend anyone wishing to sell their unwanted gold, antique jewellery, gold coins to visit vernon. First class service start to finish.

P Cobby - June 2020

After a telephone call I made arrangements to go to Vernons property. I was very welcomed in. Proof of ownership was requested which in my case was my passport which was scrutinised and quite rightly so, for the valuation and sale of my Family gold and gold diamond jewellery etc. Vernons office was extremely relaxed and Covid regulations was strictly upheld. Unlike the other jewellers I had asked. It looked like the only value was in the gold content. Vernon took a different stance on this And I am overjoyed that 80% was sold as articles and considering they were unwanted family pieces, it’s so nice to know that others will appreciate them. He’s whole approach of a true professional and keeping me informed throughout the 10 day Selling period was exceptional and I returned to him for further business of  other old jewellery and inherited silverware. It was well worth the trip from the Isle of Sheppey. So thank you Vernon for all your hard work, I just wish I had more for you. Excellent choice. Excellent service.

Lea Seaton, Isle of Sheppey - August 2020

I had collection of antique diamond jewelry  and gold jewelry and Vernon's service was impecable I wanted a private sale rather than an auction sale which would have incurred much larger charges. Vernon managed to sell the ítems quickly and expertly and updated me regularly with constant  progress reports I can thoroughly recommend his services

Tim Naylor - Sept 2019

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