Should You Sell Gold as Scrap?

A good percentage of gold does not neccessarily need to be classed as scrap. 

We are often sold the idea via news articles, online offers and  'cash for gold' TV adverts (seen especially during the credit crunch of 2008) that the only option is to sell our gold items as scrap.

This, in Vernon's opinion, does not always have to be the case, there will always be a percentage of gold that would be classed as scrap i.e. wedding bands, morning rings, damaged or soldered pieces etc, However, a good portion of gold can be sold as items above gold scrap value as there are always collectors/buyers wishing to purchase gold items such as:  gold bracelets, brooches, gold necklaces, gold coins, gold cigarette boxes, gold wristwatches, pocket watches, bank collections, gold sovereigns and etc..

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My husband and I have recently had the pleasure of enlisting the services of Vernon Ward Antique Valuations and Sales. We found his website whilst looking for an alternative way of disposing of a collection of inherited jewellery, than taking it to auction with all the associated costs. Vernon clearly explained the way he works and we agreed to travel from Farnborough Hampshire to his place in Brighton for a valuation. He is a delightful man who is extremely knowledgeable and we were happy to leave the items with him after meeting in his conservatory. In the allotted 10 days Vernon had found buyers for most of the items within the estimates given, had communicated regularly and was at all times considerate and totally professional. A truly efficient and trustworthy service and apart from that great company. We would be happy to recommend his services.

Mr and Mrs Jenkins, Farnborough Hampshire - February 2022

Gold effects fine sale

My gold goblet and other gold jewelers was classed as scrap. However after visiting Vernon he achieved fine prices as individual items from collectors he sourced, and secured far above other quotes. Excellent conclusion for me, and sales concluded privately confidentially. Would recommend without question.

Tim S - 22 May 2019

Excellent prices received for our vintage gold and jewellery.

After getting 2 independent valuations for our gold jewellery we contacted Vernon who achieved far higher prices than the scrap values we were offered and more to the point they were sold as items of jewellery to his collectors. A far better result for myself and my family as we did not want them scrapped. And thanks to Vernon they weren’t. Excellent service and highly recommend.

Lisa S - June 2018

The valuations and prices we received were above other jewellers’ offers & the execution of the sale was faultless

I have already posted a review of the excellent service Vernon offers elsewhere but what I did not mention, which is very pertinent in these days, is that transactions have been done purely by post. Post the items to him and Vernon will catalogue, estimate their value and post all the documentation, as he did with us including the contract of sale and sale notice. He then sent the cash through the post. It was a first for me as I did not realise that valuables by post, including cash, are insured for £2,500 and can be increased up to £10,000. As I have said before Vernon offers a fabulous service, now even more relevant in these troubled times

Adrian Wimbush - April 2020

Thank you Vernon for all your hard work

After a telephone call I made arrangements to go to Vernons property. I was very welcomed in. Proof of ownership was requested which in my case was my passport which was scrutinised and quite rightly so, for the valuation and sale of my Family gold and gold diamond jewellery etc. Vernons office was extremely relaxed. Unlike the other jewellers I had asked. It looked like the only value was in the gold content. Vernon took a different stance on this And I am overjoyed that 80% was sold as articles and considering they were unwanted family pieces, it’s so nice to know that others will appreciate them. He’s whole approach of a true professional and keeping me informed throughout the 10 day Selling period was exceptional and I returned to him for further business of other old jewellery and inherited silverware. It was well worth the trip from the Isle of Sheppey. So thank you Vernon for all your hard work, I just wish I had more for you. Excellent choice. Excellent service.

Lea Seaton, Isle of Sheppey - August 2020

Couldn't believe the difference in value I was told

Went to see vernon about some gold that was left to me by relatives. after going to a few places I couldn't believe the difference in value I was told. vernon is absolutely trustworthy and I would certainly use his services again

Sussex Client - July 2021


After sending images of our inherited gold coins and jewellery to local jewellers we were told they were of little interest and value. We then found Vernon and on instructing him to sell our unwanted collection we were overjoyed with the figure he achieved on our behalf which was by far and above the quotes we had been given previously. Vernon worked very hard for us to achieve this excellent result. His communication was both timely and reassuring keeping us informed at every stage of the process. Anyone finding that they have similar items like us would be well advised to use Vernon's services which are completely private & confidential with very reasonable cost effective charges.

Mr & Mrs Morrish, Surrey - April 2021

Vernon and his staff were fantastic

Vernon and his staff were fantastic, he valued my jewellery, said he could sell it within 5 days and was true to his word and I know the rings will not be broken up. I highly recommend him to everyone who wants an excellent service.

Jennifer Layzell, Sussex - March 2023

Types of Gold and its Value

Gold is a naturally occurring rare metal that since its discovery 1000’s of years ago has been held in a particular allure due its hypnotic yellow shades. Gold in its purist form is a very soft metal so it was able to be fashioned into many attractive items relatively easily soon after its initial discovery and the relationship of gold and jewellery was born.

As 100% pure gold (otherwise known as 24 carat gold) , as already mentioned, is very soft due to this it is not practical to produce items such as jewellery, coins, watches etc without mixing the gold with other metals. Mixing gold makes the material stronger and also changes its appearance here is a list of common types of gold:

18 Carat Gold – this is a gold alloy that is made up of 75% gold, the remain 25% regularly made up of  silver, copper, nickel, zinc, palladium, etc. Because of the high quantity of gold the colour is stronger and more saturated than the lower carat golds.

9 Carat Gold is a gold alloy which is 37.5% gold the remaining 62.5% consists of the same metals mentioned above. Interestingly not everyone considers the 9 carat alloy gold and of course 9 carat gold does not carry as much value as 18 carat gold.

Other common gold alloys are 14 Carat gold and 10 Carat Gold. These contain differing amounts of gold 14 carats contains 58.30% gold while 10 carat contains 41.7% of gold.

White Gold - This is a gold alloy where the gold has been mixed with a white metal such as nickel, palladium, platinum, or manganese. White gold can be in a range of carats from 9 to 18 carats. As white gold is currently in fashion it can sometimes carry slightly more value if it is a high carat than the other gold alloys.

Rose Gold - This is a gold alloy where the gold has been mixed with copper. Rose gold can be in a range of carats from 9 to 18 carats, however it is often found to be 14 carats and many consider this to produce the best ‘rose’ colour.

Green Gold - This is not a common gold alloy. The gold has been mixed with copper, silver, and zinc and has a slight greenish sheen in appearance.

Selling Gold Jewellery

All too quickly gold jewellery be it modern, Edwardian, Victorian or even Georgian jewellery is often classed as scrap and is sometimes sold to make 'bespoke' jewellery or just destined for the melting pot.

Vernon finds this approach rather sad as it ruins the heritage of old pieces of jewellery. Many clients have instructed Vernon to sell their unwanted gold jewellery and were delighted to know their inherited gold pieces were sold as items of jewellery, knowing the next person would appreciate and receive enjoyment in wearing or keeping the item in their collection.

When all said and done there is more than enough spare gold languishing in a plethora of gold vaults and gold bullion departments, which is why Vernon believes we should cherish and try to protect our heritage and be custodians for the next generation - not everyone likes the modern look.

For all all gold valuations and sales advice contact Vernon Ward.

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