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A brief history of Tiffany & Co

The history of Tiffany and Co Jewellery can be charted back to 1837 when a small store was opened in New York by Charles Lewis Tiffany and his partner John B Young although it was expensive to run, for this reason his father loaned him $1000 which put him on the road to success. Soon customers began arriving and with it and with it the brand name Tiffany & Co become frequented by aristocracy and well-heeled people, as at that time, the Jewellery was out reach for most people’s pockets. But their style of jewellery became very sought-after and at the World Fair in Paris in 1867 is where Tiffany Jewellery achieved serious recognition and they were award a prize for their fashionable jewellery designs. The brand continued to grow and in 1878 Tiffany brought one of the biggest diamonds ever to come on the open market and this became known as the Tiffany Yellow Diamond weighing in at a massive 128.54 carats (once cut).

Tiffany & Co introduced the modern engagement diamond ring which highlighted the brilliant cut diamond beautifully – and became known as the ‘Tiffany Setting’. Following this the Tiffany name in diamond jewellery became synonymous with what it is today.

The iconic Tiffany & Co Jewellery together with the blue box was and still is a renowned statement of elegance, style, fashion and wealth.

In 2012 Tiffany & Co had its 170th anniversary.

(pictured is Vernon's assistant valuer valuing Tiffany Jewellery)

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Significant Tiffany Jewellery Designers

There are several Tiffany Jewellery designers of particular note and pieces by these individuals often carrry higher value. Below are several designers to watch for:

Louis Comfort Tiffany 1848 – 1933 (son to Charles Lewis Tiffany). Comfort Tiffany was the first Director of Design at Tiffany's and he is particularly known for his stainglass windows and lamps. However, he also designed many pieces of jewellery which are often have an exotic look with intense colours and unusual stones.

Jean Schlumberger 1907 – 1987. Jean started designing for Tiffany in 1957 and the following year 1958 he became the first jewelry designer to win the Coty Award. He continued to work for Tiffany until his retirement in 1970.

Valuing and Selling Tiffany Jewellery for my Clients

In 1988 I was asked by a client to visit Tiffany’s 5th Avenue New York to act as sole agent in collecting some high-end Diamond Tiffany Jewellery namely a 4-carat diamond ring set in platinum together with a vintage diamond bracelet and some modern diamond Tiffany studs for her husband. During that four day business trip for her, I was invited by the director to visit the inner sanctums of the Tiffany Jewellery vaults where I was shown absolutely stunning vintage and modern Tiffany Jewellery. It was and still is an unforgettable memory. My client had paid many thousands of pounds for this jewellery as an investment and I remember her saying “My dear this jewellery is better than stocks and shares” and in those days she was correct to purchase such pieces as Tiffany Jewellery for investment. 

Today in the modern world many people sell their Diamond Tiffany Jewellery for all sorts of reasons, mostly the jewellery that is handed down as inherited pieces is not the clients style of jewellery, for example it does not suit them or it is not fashionable for them.

Styles in jewellery have changed so much since Charles Lewis Tiffany and his partner opened their small store. Whereas bespoke jewellery is the must have these days, where members of the public quite rightly can virtually design their own style of jewellery to suit their personal tastes.

The picture shown above is a jewellery valuation day where my assistant is valuing a fabulous Tiffany Diamond Ring along with a Tiffany Diamond Bracelet both in their trademark blue box and bag. Tiffany Jewellery is always sort after by my private collectors. For a free valuation on your Tiffany diamond jewellery please telephone.

Footnote All Tiffany & Co Jewellery whether vintage or modern should be stamped or signed, be careful not to buy copies which are available on the open market. Whether you have high-end or low-end Tiffany Jewellery there are always private buyers and collectors waiting to buy that certain piece for their collection.

His honesty is amazing, showing us that previous valuations were below current market value

We recently visited this gentleman, for a valuation on an antique Tiffany platinum and diamond ring after receiving poor service from various jewellers. Mr Ward fully researched the item, free of charge, keeping us fully informed throughout the entire process. He not only found us a buyer for the item, he also researched and valued another ruby and diamond ring, again free of charge. His honesty is amazing, showing us that previous valuations were below current market value. Vernon made us feel comfortable, reassured and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, we shall certainly utilising his services again.

Penelope Doeg - February 2020

Vernon achieved top estimates

"Vernon was recommended to me by a close friend who had previously instructed him to sell some high value antiques and jewellery which she wished to do privately. Finding myself in a similar position of wanting to discreetly sell some valuable heirlooms I contacted Vernon. My previous experience with London sale rooms had been disastrous! I visited Vernon at his home office and needless to say was delighted with the outcome. He was extremely professional in all aspects and kept in close contact throughout the period of negotiation.His courtesy and discretion in my opinion were unparalleled. Vernon achieved top estimates in all that I instructed him to sell and I could not have been any happier with the results. I could not recommend Vernon more highly and will definitely be using his services again. I only wish I had been put in contact with him earlier."

By the Honourable Clairewalford - Sussex

He is a man of his word and he delivered all that he promised

"We were bequeathed extremely high end diamond/ gold jewellery and signed pieces and approached top jewellers and auctioneers (being somewhat out of our depth and new to the selling procedure for expert appraisals/ valuations). However, before selling, we felt we needed another expert appraisal and contacted Vernon - what good fortune that was! After asking him to sell our jewellery, We received excellent service, a far better return than expected and all with no hidden charges. From beginning to end, he was attentive and reassuring. He operates in a friendly, hospitable way which made doing business with him a pleasure. He is a man of his word and he delivered all that he promised!"

Lynn D - Surrey

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